Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet
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Foxtail Millet

Rs. 110.00
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Product description

Buy 100% Natural Foxtail Millet is also known as Kangni in Hindi. Millets are rich in nutrition. Some of the recipes are Idli, Upma, Biryani, Pongal, Idiyappam, Porridge etc.

Net Weight - 1kg


Foxtail millet like other millets is a powerhouse of nutrition. Rich in Vitamin B12, these tiny seeds can offer you a daily dose of ample.

  • No Artificial colours, No Preservatives & No Chemicals. They are naturally gluten-free. These millets are low on carbs and high in iron content.

  • Millets is an alternative grain to rice. They have a low-glycemic index than rice. We source from the farmers directly.

  • Foxtail millets get digested slowly and are a high source of energy and control cholesterol. Our grains are sourced directly from farmers in Karnataka.

  • They also help increase the bioavailability of minerals. Strong antioxidant properties.

Foxtail Millet in Ayurveda:

Millets are known as Trinadhanya or Kudhanya in Ayurveda. Ancient Ayurvedic texts like Mahodadhi written by Sushena in the 14th century describe Foxtail millets as sweet and astringent to taste, that increases vata dosha but balances doshas related to pitta, kapha and blood tissues. Millets need to be cooked well for deriving full benefits, however, this particular millet should never be mixed with milk, as it may cause severe indigestion.

Health Benefits of Foxtail Millet:

  1. Stronger Bones:

  2. Strengthens Nervous System:

  3. Boosts Cardiac Health:

  4. Manages Diabetes:

  5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

  6. Triggers Weight Loss:

  7. Promotes Digestion:

  8. Builds Immunity: In these days and times of pandemic, nothing is more important than a robust immunity. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Foxtail millet ups the stamina, keeps you stronger and builds immunity for fighting various infections lurking around. If you have fallen ill recently to any of the viral or bacterial infections, include it in daily diet for gaining the strength back.

Is Foxtail Millet Better Than Rice?

There is a lot of debate if rice and millets are the same when it comes to nutritional content, but rice is undoubtedly a still a staple in many households. Rice is consumed in many forms in India, not just in the original cooked form but as a breakfast item in the form of dosas and idlis. Several research suggest that rice is high on glycemic index and contributes greatly to high levels of diabetes and weight gain. Rice of course, is an instant source of energy and tastes better with many accompaniments.

Millets on the other hand are a group of gluten-free cereals witnessing a sort of resurgence in the recent years, all thanks to the awareness on embracing traditional foods. In some parts of Andhra Pradesh like Rayalaseema, Karnataka millets take precedence over rice and is consumed widely for its numerous health benefits.

Well, if you are wondering if you should be substituting rice completely with millets – the answer is no. Like in the case of food moderation is the key. Enjoy both rice and millets including Foxtail. Each ingredient has only best benefits to offer.

How To Soak And Cook Foxtail Millet?

One of the problems associated while cooking with millets is the stickiness. Many complain that these grains take a longer time to cook and do not turn fluffy if boiled in pressure cooker. And here is a fool proof method to cook Foxtail millet.


1 cup Foxtail millets

250 ml water

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp desi ghee


Wash millets thoroughly to clean all impurities like sand, small stones etc. Use a sieve while draining water out.

Soak it for 30 minutes. In a bowl, add water and bring it to a boil.

Add salt and ghee. Drain water completely and add soaked Foxtail millet.

Cook it for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. After some time, the millets get cooked completely and turn soft. Gently fluff it with a fork.

Eat it as a substitute to the rice or add to your desired dish.

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