Oal Pickle (Suran ka Achar)
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Oal Pickle (Suran ka Achar)
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Oal Pickle (Suran ka Achar)

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Product description

Oal Pickle (Suran ka Achar)

✔️ Homemade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Pickles of Bihar
✔️ NO Preservatives, NO Colors, NO Additives
✔️ Delivered across India in 3-7 Days
✔️ Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.


Oal Pickle (Suran ka Achar)

A uniquely Bihari pickle, Jimikand/ Oal/ Suran pickle is Dry, Fibrous, and Tangy. This traditional Indian pickle is packed with Nutrition, helps in Digestion, and makes your Paratha mornings delightful.

Jimikand Pickle Ingredients

include Oal (Jimikand/ Suran), Crushed Green Chilli, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Amchoor, Mustard Oil, Mustard, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Carom Seed, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds. Nigella Seeds. Turmeric, Asafoetida, Black Salt, and Salt.

How we make the Bihari Jimikand Pickle:

Our unique Suran ka Achar recipe is inspired from the traditional Bihari recipe handed to us over generations.

  • To start the pickling process, Oal is washed and peeled and then kept out in the sun to dry.

  • Once dry, it’s grated. The same quantity of green chilies, and ginger as the Oal is minced into small pieces.

  • The three main ingredients are mixed together. Lemon Juice, Amchoor, Salt, and Turmeric are added before the mixture is left in the sun to dry for a day or two.

  • Spices are ground, mixed, and roasted before being added to the pickle.

  • The pickle is left in the sun to dry for a 5-7 day period and then stored in Martabaan / glass jars.

  • This pickle is also called, Oal Barabar, meaning that the pickle has equal quantities of Oal, Green Chilli, and Ginger bringing out a unique flavor, taste, and texture.

Domestic: Shipping if Free to any part of India and delivery time to any part of India delivery will be done in 3 to 7 business days from date of shipping.

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