VILLKART NATURALS Presents Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) Seeds for Agriculture & Farming (Kheti खेती)
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VILLKART NATURALS Presents Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) Seeds for Agriculture & Farming (Kheti खेती)
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VILLKART NATURALS Presents Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) Seeds for Agriculture & Farming (Kheti खेती)
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VILLKART NATURALS Presents Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) Seeds for Agriculture & Farming (Kheti खेती)

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Product description

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This is a Vegetarian product
  • Emmer wheat, commonly known as “Khapli,”
  • Ranmeva Emmer wheat is directly sourced from farmers.
  • No chemical fertilizers and pesticides used.
Cuisine ‎Indian
Specialty ‎No Preservatives and artificial colors
Ingredient Type ‎Vegetarian
Brand ‎RANMEVA Way Back to The Origin
Region Produced In ‎Maharashtra-India
Manufacturer ‎Akshay Foods
Ingredients Khapli Wheat
  • ORGANICALLY GROWN: The Khapli emmer wheat is a heirloom variety of wheat. It is exclusively grown by our farmer friends using natural/organic farming practices.
  • ANCIENT VARIETY: Khapli has been grown on our land for over 10,000 years though the revival of this nutritious variety has just begun once again. A large number of farmers especially in Maharashtra have now started growing this ancient variety.
  • EASY TO DIGEST: Moving away from the common belief that wheat is difficult to digest, khapli wheat comparatively easy on the stomach & easier to digest. Many doctors, nutritionists and dieticians have now started recommending Khapli wheat for daily use when it comes to flat breads like rotis, chapattis or parathas.
  • TRADITIONAL PROCESSING: Khapli wheat is a Hulled Wheat, which means that two seeds sit inside an impenetrable fortress of a tightly bound chaff called Spikelet. This is what makes it a lengthier process to get the edible form of the khapli wheat, one of the reasons it got sidelined in the world which was moving towards productivity over everything else.


  1. Rich in Fiber,
  2. Easy to Digest,
  3. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals,
  4. Good source of protein,
  5. Good source of anti-oxidants.

Natural & Organic Khapli Wheat!

Emmer Wheat also known as Khapli wheat, is one of the most ancient and healthy form of food and was famously consumed by all our ancestors in form of Roti. It is known to be very low-gluten, healthy, nutritious and tasty. In earlier days, Emmer Wheat was the most celebrated variety of Wheat and was famously consumed by all. Now-a-days, this variety of wheat is grown on a small scale. Due to heavy dietary fibers, it is a wholesome lunch and is a very good source of energy.

Why Switch To Khapli Wheat

Emmer wheat has complex carbs that can boost your immunity.

Gluten molecule is weak in khapli wheat.

Emmer is also a rich source of magnesium and iron.

Production technology of Dicoccum Wheat

The cultivation of dicoccum wheats is extensively observed in Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Coastal districts of Sourashtra in Gujarat over an area of about one lakh hectare under irrigated situation. The production technology of dicoccum wheat for realizing higher production is detailed as under.

Sowing: Optimum sowing time is first fortnight of November but farmers grow it from middle October to as late as middle of December month. The seed rate is 100 kg/ha and sown in rows with 23 cm spacing.

Harvesting and storage:

If the grains appear hard when pressed under teeth, then the crop is ready for harvest. Manual harvesting is done when grain moisture is about 20%. For storage, grains are dried to have moisture upto 12%. Storage should be made at airy open space and pest control measures should be adopted during rainy seasons.

Dicoccum wheat Yield per hectare:

On an average, 35-40 q grain (with husk) and 45-55 q straw yields can be obtained from one hectare area. Improved varieties and better production technologies can enhance the yield upto the potential level of the varieties.

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