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Zinc-Biofortified Wheat Seeds

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Zinc-Biofortified Wheat Seeds

Zinc-Biofortified Wheat Seeds

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Product description

Zinc-Biofortified Wheat Seeds: Harnessing Genetic Diversity for Improved Nutritional Quality.

Nutritional Benefits: Provides up to 50% of daily zinc needs.
Zinc Wheat - India ranks number 3 out of 128 countries suitable for investing in zinc wheat.
Farmer Benefits: High yielding, adapted to the target area of eastern Gangetic plains, disease-resistant
Varieties: BHU-3, BHU-6 (Chitra)


Zinc Shakti (Chitra) was developed through participatory variety selection (registered by private seed companies and growers). It has a profitable yield potential and matures nearly two weeks earlier than common wheat.
- Zincol 2016 was developed in the background of Pakistani variety NARC2011.
- WB02 and HPBW-01 have been released in 2017 by the Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research and Punjab Agricultural University through the central variety release system in India. The varieties are high-yielding and demonstrate a good level of yellow (stripe) rust resistance





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