In the past, we used to purchase oils from nearby local oil shops or stores, using our own steel containers. This practice was beneficial for our health. However, with the advent of modern lifestyles, these traditional local shops have been replaced by refined oils packaged in plastic containers. Today, there is a growing awareness about the advantages of using wood-pressed or cold-pressed oils instead of chemically treated and unhealthy alternatives.

Taking a proactive approach, we have initiated the supply of cold-pressed oils in high-quality, reusable, and exchangeable steel cans in Bangalore, Karnataka. Our endeavor involves delivering a range of healthy food items directly to the doorsteps of customers in Bangalore, including Cold Pressed Oil in steel cans, Fresh Sugar-Free Atta/Whole Wheat, Rice, and A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee.

Distinguishing ourselves as pioneers in the industry, we proudly introduce steel cans for Cold Pressed Oils. These cans come in two sizes: 2.8 liters and 5 liters. To begin with, we require a deposit for the steel cans, which will be refunded when the cans are returned to us in good condition during re-orders.

Our mission is to promote environmental conservation and provide a plastic-free lifestyle. Customers have the flexibility to place orders for their desired quantity of oil in steel cans. If preferred, we offer an option to have the oil poured into your own container, which can be returned to us upon delivery.

The process involves customers returning their empty steel cans during their next order, at which point they receive a fresh can filled with oil. This exchange system ensures sustainability. Additionally, if a customer decides not to continue using our oil or prefers glass packaging, they can return the can and receive a deposit refund.

Our commitment to hygiene is unwavering. We collect empty cans, meticulously wash them using hot water and manual methods, and then heat them to prepare for refilling. It's important to note that the same type of oil that was originally in the can will be used for the refill, maintaining consistency and quality. We adhere to stringent hygiene practices throughout the entire process.

By reducing plastic usage, we anticipate contributing to substantial environmental benefits. 

in the years to come. To learn more, please feel free to contact us at

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Malti Singh (President Awardee)
Ramchandra Singh

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Village: Mustafaganj, Block: Minapur, District: Muzaffarpur, Bihar 843128