Why are we the healthiest?

We started Grain to Grind as a solution for people like us who are looking for ways to reduce adulteration and chemical content in their everyday food. The concept was simple. Source the finest quality grains from the best natural farms in the country. Grind them in a traditional stone mill with stones specially sourced from the hinterlands of Rajasthan. These mills grind the grain at the speed of hand grinding (40- 60 Rpm) which in turn keeps a much lower temperature enabling the flour to retain the nutritional content of the grains as opposed to the modern rolling mills. Serve the flour fresh directly to your doorstep packaged in an equally good and eco-friendly way so that nothing in between contaminates or compromises its nutritional value or quality.


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On Order/ Monthly delivery

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Enjoy our healthy nutritious food without any guilt.

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Know Your Farmer

Farmer Name:
Malti Singh (President Awardee)
Ramchandra Singh

Farm Location:
Village: Mustafaganj, Block: Minapur, District: Muzaffarpur, Bihar 843128