Subscription Farming can be an entry point into more sustainable solutions.

VILLKART with Support of FutureFrming ( initiated or inviting a Healthy Food (wheat/Rice/Pluses/Oil/Others) subscription-based farming solution to our exploited farming practices, we are introducing this model where people can subscribe to an agricultural land yearly as per their requirement. 

Healthy Food means for Desi Variety & Pesticide free Natural Farming base Food Produce driving to the society to their doorstep.

We are focusing on ‘Desi/Paigambari wheat’ which is original Indian wheat grown around Indus Valley Civilization. The idea is that what makes up such a large part of our diet breakfast lunch dinner all contains wheat and wheat. People used to eat mixed grains like Bajra, Jowar, Barley and Maize and there were no gluten-related problems. First, we need to control our gluten consumption.

“This wheat is low in Gluten and Glycemic Index is 55 which makes it a ‘super food’ for gut health. If you’re considering limiting your gluten consumption, it’s going to solve gluten issues. Research now shows that excess of gluten and direct carbohydrate consumption without enough fibre is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, celiac disease, obesity, insulin resistance followed by thyroid BP etc.”

We can utilize our Farm resources in a way that they can grow this variety for your custom needs. This vanished because of low yield and high price. That was the main reason GMO wheat was introduced to increase yield.

If we can create a demand for this wonderful wheat we can rectify our green revolution mistake and can ensure the good health of our coming generations. Everyone should do their own research, it’s our health our responsibility. Agrochemical companies like “Monsanto” are not going to disclose these facts.

VILLKART Healthy Food Subscription Model is a direct collaboration with FARMERS where we are paying a lump sum as “shares” to help fund the farm’s efforts during the growing season. The idea is that the influx of money keeps the farm running, and once the farm harvests its crops, you get your money in the form of seasonal produce. Unlike picking and choosing from the options at a market stand, a farm “share” is like a subscription of whatever is seasonal. With this model, FARMERS will never be exploited to produce to increase their harvest or benefits, as they will be growing as per the subscriber’s need.

Know Your Farmer

Farmer Name:
Malti Singh (President Awardee)
Ramchandra Singh

Farm Location:
Village: Mustafaganj, Block: Minapur, District: Muzaffarpur, Bihar 843128