Cold Pressed Virgin White Sesame Seeds Oil -1L
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Cold Pressed Virgin White Sesame Seeds Oil -1L
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Cold Pressed Virgin White Sesame Seeds Oil -1L

INR 550.00
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Cold Pressed Virgin White Sesame Seeds Oil -1L

Cold Pressed Virgin White Sesame Seeds Oil -1L

INR 550.00
Product description

Benefits of Kachi Ghani White Sesame Oil

✔ Strengthens The Bones

✔ Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

✔ Promotes Healthy Skin

✔ Burns Extra Fat

✔ Lowers Blood Pressure

✔ Aids in Weight Loss



Net Weight - 1L


Sesame seeds are grown Naturally and then extracted using the traditional cold-pressed method during good olden days to get pure and healthy Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (or Gingelly Oil or Til Oil). The cold press technique keeps the nutrients intact which makes the oil-rich in antioxidants and full of nutrition. Kachi Ghani sesame oil is prepared using the methods suggested in Ayurveda so it helps you to keep your 3 dosha “Vata” “Pitta” & “Kapha” in a balanced manner.

white sesame oil

For thousands of years in Indian culture we used sesame oil for many different purposes and not just as cooking oil. Morover In Ayurveda, kachi ghani sesame oil is much valued for its medicinal properties. It is good for the skin, hair and melting extra fat in our body. And often it is best for massages as it penetrates deep into the skin to provide nourishment and helps relieve stress.

Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Also, they contains copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Sesame oil contains chemical compounds – lignans and sesamol, which are commonly plant-based compounds. Lignans and sesamol are powerful antioxidants. Sesame oil primarily contains unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which certainly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). In addition, It helps to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. In conclusion, start using Kachi Ghani Sesame Oil in your everyday lifestyle to get the most out of it.

About this item

  • Free of chemicals and artificial preservatives, Mesmara Hulled White Sesame Oil comes with amazing taste and flavour.

  • Our natural products are crafted locally in Hyderabad, India, using traditional practices wood press. From sourcing the best quality ingredients to small batch production, our products are deeply rooted in artisan know-how. We believe in making products that are authentic, delicious, and sustainable, and by doing so, we can spread joy and well-being through food.

  • The oil-seeds are hand-picked and dried under the sun, washed and the hull removed and crushed in Wooden Ghani and this oil is kept in Sunlight for 2 days for the sediments to get settled.

  • Regular consumption of Wood-pressed oils can result in better Health.

  • At Mesmara, we nurture products and supply chains that leave the planet in a better place. We do this by supporting sustainable, regenerative agriculture, green energy, and are mindful of our packaging footprint.

This is a Vegetarian product.

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