Pure Deshi Chana Sattu
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Pure Deshi Chana Sattu
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Pure Deshi Chana Sattu
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Pure Deshi Chana Sattu
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Pure Deshi Chana Sattu

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Chana Sattu

Desi Chana Sattu

The best quality chickpeas are used to make this sattu. Rich in protein, vitamins and dietary fibre, this perfect drink cools your body as well. 100% natural, manna Sattu Drink can be consumed by all age groups.

Sattu is a great ingredient to add to your daily diet if you want to stay fit and disease-free. Here are a few health benefits of Sattu.

Natural summer cooler: A drink made out of Sattu is a great drink to quench your thirst during summer. It prevents the body from overheating and brings down the body temperature significantly.

High nutritional value: The dry-roasting process by which Sattu is made, seals in all the nutrients. It is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

Great for digestion: Sattu has high amounts of insoluble fibre which is great for the intestines. It cleanses the colon and detoxifies it of greasy food, constipation and acidity.

Helps fight diseases: Sattu is a low-glycemic index food and is a great option for diabetics. It keeps blood sugar levels in control and regulates blood pressure.
The high fibre in it is great for those suffering from high cholesterol.

Aids weight loss: If you want to reduce weight, start consuming Sattu on an empty stomach. It helps reduce bloating and also enhances metabolism and burns calories effectively.

Considered a staple of Bihar and Jharkhand, sattu is now a global superfood that people have started consuming. One of the easiest uses of sattu is to make a sharbat (sweet or salty). According to doctors, this drink protects the body against sunstroke.

Made with Desi Chana sattu, onion, lemon juice, black salt, cumin powder, chaat masala and water this drink has a tangy and spicy taste. For making the sweet version, take a glass of milk, add two tablespoons sattu powder, one teaspoon of sugar or jaggery and mix well. Have it as a complete breakfast drink. Sattu is also used in making ‘litti’.

Apart from that, you can make parathas, upma, or even porridge with it. It can also be mixed in milk, like protein powder and consumed.

Sattu helps hydrate the body during summer and as a result, you shine with glowing skin. Traditionally, sattu has been used to treat hair problems. Rich in iron content, it helps reduce hair fall, and improves the quality of hair by increasing the oxygen flow to the hair roots.

The low-glycaemic index of Desi Chana sattu is good for diabetic people. According to health experts, consuming sattu on a daily basis keeps blood sugar levels under control and also regulates blood pressure. (Image: Instagram)

Desi Chana sattu is a protein-rich flour made from powdered chana (Bengal gram) or other pulses and cereals. It is quite popular in many parts of India such as Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Uttarakhand and UP. Interestingly, it is liked and consumed in many parts of Pakistan also.

However, what earlier belonged to a few states, is now a famous and exotic food ingredient that is easily available even in supermarkets. Sattu is now available in different forms that include wheat, barley or sorghum (jowar). All these variations have a certain percentage of a roasted gram in them.

Many times, Desi Chana sattu is referred to as ‘Poor man’s protein’. It is the latest food that has gained popularity and is recognized as a superfood. It has numerous health benefits and some very quick and tasty recipes could be made out of Sattu. It is high in nutrients and is often called the powerhouse of energy. Here is a look at all you need to know about Sattu.

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