Gulab Khas Mango - 5 kg
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Gulab Khas Mango - 5 kg
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Gulab Khas Mango - 5 kg
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Gulab Khas Mango - 5 kg
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Gulab Khas Mango - 5 kg

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SELECT DISPATCH WEEK :: 30 May to 06 June (Week 1)
30 May to 06 June (Week 1)
08 June to 15 June (Week 2)
16 June to 22 June (Week 3)
23 June to 30 June (Week 4)
Product description


    • Storing Period                                       –   1-3 Days
    • Packaging Size Available                      –   5 kg
    • Packaging Type Available                    –    Carton
    • Source Origin                                          – Bhagalpur
    • Mango Condition                                 –  Unripe mangoes (1-2 days to ripe)

100% Authentic Gulab Khas mangoes from Bihar Origin Location.

As the name implies, Gulab Khaas Mango is a delectable fruit that exhibits rosy flavour and tastes that mango lovers are bound to love. This fruit has a blushing pink or red skin and it is often used to prepare mango based desserts given it has a non-fibrous pulp. Available between May and June, Gulab Khaas mangoes are relatively small in size and are sold in abundance in states such as Bihar, West Bengal, and Jharkhand.

About this item

    • 100% Natural, Great in taste
    • Rich in Vitamin A, C, iron, folate and magnesium
    • Ripe & bright yellow in colour
    • Store in a cool and dry place

The summer months of May and June in Bihar are made bearable by the blushing Gulab Khas mangoes. The fibreless mango, with its floral undertones, is best had chilled and scooped straight out of the skin. Its brief presence in the market and short shelf life means it is all the more coveted among those who have partaken of its wonderful bouquet of flavours.

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