Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)
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Kinnaur Apple (5kg Box)

INR 1,450.00
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01 Oct to 08 July
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Product description

Apples from Kinnaur, known for their natural sweetness, colour, juiciness, and prolonged shelf life, are grown at an altitude of over 10,000 feet. Among the popular varieties of Kinnauri apples are Royal, Golden, Red Golden, Red Delicious, and Scarlet Spur. Kinnaur Apples are succulent, sweet and juicy. Kinnaur apples are the most premium variety of apples grown in India. We source Kinnaur apples from the best orchards in the valleys of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.

How are we Different from Apple what you get in the Stores

  • Apples at the Stores are Cold Stored and Waxed for longer shelf life
  • There is no traceability of the origin of the apples
  • Conventional apples reaching through the Fruit Mandi route take min 20-30 days
 Small Box Medium Box
✦ ~ 4.8 to 5 Kg
✦ 20-25 Pieces
✦ ~ 9.7 to 10.2 Kg
✦ 40-50 Pieces



Our orchard grows Royal Red Delicious apples. We handpick from those apples only the best (based on colour, colour consistency, size, no marks and blemishes) for packing in the VILLKART brand boxes. So rest assured that when you buy VILLKART Kinnaur you're only getting the top quality authentic Kinnaur apple, delivered orchard fresh.

Occasionally we also have a sizeable good crop of truly exquisite produce referred to as "Black Gold" - it's a very dark red coloured variety of the Red Delicious apple. We usually export that apple.


Kinnaur is known for its exquisite apples. Within Kinnaur, our apples come from villages around Wangtu, Kalpa and Rekong Peo. We get favourable conditions of weather to grow a great crop.


On receiving your pre-order on the website here or our payment pages, we process your order directly to the orchard. Our team at the orchard then hand-picks apples just before packing your box. Only the choicest and flawless apples are selected - locally referred to as Supreme grade. The boxes are packed and dispatched to our warehouse where the packages are inspected, marked with shipping details and dispatched further for delivery.

Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive an email from Shiprocket with the tracking details.


Kinnaur apples usually start maturing from September onwards. For higher altitude orchards they mature by September end. We get a continuous supply of good apples from September end through November.

Our deliveries start last week of September 2022 onwards and weekly deliveries continue till November end

For other major cities in India, we'd be shipping via our courier delivery partners.

Expected Delivery 5-10 Days from last day of Harvest

Care Instructions

Store in refrigerator for increasing the shelf life of apple by 2-3 weeks.

How we Deliver Fresh

Our pursuit is to ensure you get apple 🍎 delivered as soon as possible post-harvest so that you can taste the freshness and crunchiness of freshly harvested apples 🍏.

Hence we harvest 👨‍🌾 and ship in Batches 📦 and batch size is defined to ensure we have complete control over our Logistics and we deliver to our promise.



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