Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)
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Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)
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Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)
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Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)
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Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)
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Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)

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Product description

Natural Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़)

Palm Jaggery (ताड़-गुड़) is full of dietary fibres. These fibres help to treat constipation and indigestion. 

Key Features:

  • 100% pure, natural palmyra palm source. Its ideal alternative for brown and white sugar. Best for infants and kids. Used in various food preparation and dessert making. The colour of palm jaggery varies from brown to dark brown depending on place of origin and processing. Palm jaggery is made naturally and is a rich source of minerals and vitamins
  • It is made from organically grown palm trees. It is prepared using traditional methods without adding any chemicals or preservatives
  • Palm jaggery is widely used across the country, specially used extensively in South India
  • Palm Jaggery is darker in colour. It is an ideal alternative to sugar and is used in various food preparation and desserts
  • Made with traditional methods and sourced from fair trade farmers’ groups.


  • We also sell palm sugar, coconut sugar, coconut jaggery powder , brown sugar, stevia, palm jaggery cubes etc on amazon
  • We also introduced economy pouches of the same product (From 500 gm to 10 kg and save your money considerably.
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